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Herbae perfume new at L’Occitane

Hello girls!

To have the same sensations, to feel that everything passes the same, is something common in all of us, more in these times, for that reason L’Occitane presents a new perfume, for us those that escape from the routine.

We are tired of having the same smell every day, we need a radical change, those changes that make us feel better, more autonomous and free.

That’s what this fragrance offers us. Inspired by wild plants, HERBAE is a green, fresh and floral fragrance. It is the copy and original replica of nature in aroma version.

Citrus and spicy notes of bergamot and pink pepper meet a heart where wild rose, white nettle and blackberry inspire the aromas of a walk in the Provencal countryside.

The fragrance sits on a sweet springtime base where its warm, honey-tinged notes are accentuated by woody and spicy cashmere nuances.

Presented in a package that has a unique vintage style. Herbae is decorated with a hand-tied raffia ribbon that makes each perfume unique and special.

“This fragrance is an immersion in the heart of wild and vibrant nature, symbolized by wild herbs. It is the vision of a raw, sincere, and artifact-free nature, which reveals its authentic beauty”.


  • WILD: A green floral heart emerges with its powerful and energetic notes, revealing the beauty of nature in all its splendor.
  • FRESH: The freshness of the wind shakes these herbs inviting them to unfold the green freshness they contain, the purity of a spontaneous and authentic beauty.
  • WARM: In contrast to the initial freshness of the fragrance, a warm and vibrant chord seems to merge these wild herbs with the earth.

If you are passionate and love to feel free, this scent is perfect for you, we will keep looking for an essence according to what you represent, keep reading our chameleon blog, see you soon. :*


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