"> Gucci Beauty presents Éternité de Beauté - Camaleónicas Gucci Beauty presents Éternité de Beauté - Camaleónicas

Gucci Beauty presents Éternité de Beauté

Gucci Beauty presents one of its high coverage enhancement formulas adapted to all face tones.

The foundation has 24-hour wear and high coverage. It does not transfer and is light formula. It combines powders with a high skin affinity and pigments coated with polymeric technology, which generates uniformity on the face, as well as hydrates and soothes the skin.

The finish is luminous matte, with a natural luminosity. It is important to mention that it has hyaluronic acid and black rose oil, which makes it very flattering for the skin. This kind of effect on the skin makes it look healthy.

El polvo de bambú controla los brillos y unifica el tono de la piel para un acabado efecto mate que realza la luminosidad natural. Tiene un aroma a peonía vintage y fresia, que se realza con un toque actual de notas cítricas acuosas y fugaces notas de almizcle. También vale la pena usarlo porque te cuida de los rayos solares, con SPF 15.


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