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Hellooooooo minions!

You want to look more beautiful every day and at less cost? Go to the market noW!  I bring these home treatments with fruits that you should not miss to look spectacular.

We start with my favorite, coconut. This fruit has a thousand and one different properties, coconut water is a great moisturizer for the face. If you mix it with a little sugar, you can also make some delicious masks, and finally in the hair so u shine like a diva.

cocoMango is also ideal for its freshness and delicious aroma that has is the handle,  powerful in vitamins, rejuvenates the dead skin. If you have dry skin, instead of making a smoothie, create a mask for the face. And if  what you want is to clean the face of imperfections a little mix of mango and honey  will be a good alternative.
Fresh mango fruit with cut and green leafs isolated
If you have not tried this fruit, you must do. The Kiwi is one of the richest sources for beauty, slices will give relief to your eyes; on the lips, give brightness; and at elbows or knees hydration is  necessary for a smooth skin.


¿Te gusta el puré de manzana o con avena? Pues esas son dos formulas ideales para tener unas manos y pies de princesa. La primera, por sus propiedades antioxidantes, purifica la piel y las células muertas del día a día. La segunda opción, es un exfoliante muy rico en vitaminas y que da mucha nutre la piel.



You see… for being beauty, live healthy. As simple as it sounds.




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