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FATTUCHT STUDIO The space where your dream hair becomes reality

In Miraflores, there is this beauty salon that looks like a fantasy world that seeks to have a relaxing experience with each visit.

The story begins in 2015 when Diana, owner and founder, after risking leaving her comfort zone in the tourism sector, had thought of making her own salon.

Like any entrepreneur, it was a learning process, as she realized the importance of understanding logistics and how she should use the products. Understanding the methods and their audience was the key.

She became certified in botox and straightening hair treatments, which led her to be a consultant in addition to other salons. She and she become the official distributor of the brand with which she had been trained.

When she became a mother, she transferred her first store and although she continued training in non-invasive smoothing treatments, she decided to do a study at home. Her clients demanded that she come back.

More and more customers asked for more products, although he was able to return to tourism, it was not for long. The pandemic fell. She was able to return to clients at home, and even get her clothing brand, but it was a trip to Cusco, so mystical and special, that made her change her perspective, fully returning to the world of straightening in 2021.

That was how by December of the same year, no more people or personnel changed in her home and it was through a dear client, who today is another local neighbor to hers, who told her about this space on Avenida Mariscal La Mar in Miraflores. From there, everything began to take shape.

At Fattucht Studio, the aim is for clients to feel like children again. It is sought that the clientele have an experience where they can enjoy being and feel relaxed. The colors and concept are part of the good vibes.

The products used are lactic acid or glyoxylic acid, they are non-invasive treatments, and even the latter can be applied to pregnant women and girls.

The staff stands out for being warm, open to listen and willing to provide personalized service.

Prior appointment and scheduling required. We recommend booking at least a week in advance. Part of the experience comes with hot drinks and cookies, or drinks by the glass so you can enjoy this moment for yourself.



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