"> Facial treatments in summer? Find them at Zazá Med Laser Center - Camaleónicas Facial treatments in summer? Find them at Zazá Med Laser Center - Camaleónicas
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Facial treatments in summer? Find them at Zazá Med Laser Center

From the hand of Dr. Amanda Rivera (CMP: 082491 – RNE: 037453) dermatologistde Zazá Med Láser Center, conoce los tratamientos que te harán brillar en verano.

impurities from the facial skin to make it look healthy and bright. Main
The benefits that the oxygen facial treatment promises are focused on achieving a
facial skin exfoliation to remove blackheads and other
impurities. It also promises to hydrate the skin with oxygen, achieving a clean
total. Skin with Rosacea, Active acne, ultra-sensitive skin can be treated with our
Oxycryo and they will fully benefit from the advantages of oxygen. The best of
everything is that you will not need a recovery time and you will see the results

MESOGLOW: This is an exclusive protocol of Zazá Med Láser Center that is
especially indicated for the most dull and dehydrated skins; for this one
treatment we apply LaseMD technology, which is an optimized laser device
that rapidly creates precise and controlled microchannels in the skin for the entry of
a SkinBooster containing Hyaluronic Acid and a cocktail of 12 vitamins, 23
amino acids, 6 minerals, 6 nucleic acids and 6 coenzymes that will contribute to our
skin hydration, elasticity, luminosity and firmness.

BOTULINUM TOXIN, one of the most requested. Botox treatment can be
to do throughout the year but it is recommended especially in summer because it is the
moment in which the expression gestures are more accentuated as a consequence of a
increased exposure to sunlight. An application of toxin will relax the entire third
upper part of the face, reducing wrinkles and providing a plus of luminosity to the
upper third of the face.

FILLED WITH FILLERS: They help to replenish the loss of volume in the different
parts where it is needed: dark circles, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, marionette wrinkles,
lips etc The filler application procedure is almost painless, short
duration and the results are immediately noticeable.

APPLICATION OF COLLAGEN BIOSTIMULATORS: these are products that are injected
to activate the natural production of this protein, which is found mainly in
bones and skin. This treatment is indicated to correct imperfections and
improve the smoothness of the skin, recover the so-called “V effect” in the contour of the face.
Thus, facial flaccidity is eliminated without going through the operating room.

We remind you that the most important thing is to protect yourself from the sun to prevent and enjoy the summer.


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