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Doménica Padilla sets the trend in micropigmentation

In Peru, Doménica Padilla is one of the few micropigmentators with a history of national and international studies, with more than 10 years of experience.

She began her career as a beautician in a renowned Peruvian institution, and then entered the world of professional makeup, having as a differential her past studies, since she offered her clients a more complete and personalized service. After a few years he learned about micropigmentation and fell in love with the technique and the
result. This is how, after much effort, he opened his first aesthetic center in Surco, where he added new treatments.

Semi-permanent eyebrow micropigmentation is the flagship service of the center since they perform three different types; Microblanding gives a hyper-realistic hair-to-hair effect, giving the illusion of thicker eyebrows, ideal for women with normal to dry skin.

Shading provides a naturally made-up eyebrow effect, while Microshading is the combination of Microblading and Shading, ideal for normal to oily skin.

“Each person has a unique skin and predisposition, and we Latinas in their
most tend to have atypical and oily skin. That is why it is necessary that the clients pass a personalized consultation to define which technique works best in them” commented Doménica Padilla.

Además ofrecen Micropigmentación en ojos y labios, lifting de pestañas; así como servicios de skincare que van desde faciales y limpiezas hasta botox y ácido hialurónico, todo realizado por profesionales especializados.

All the pigments they use are natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

BIG NEWS: Wait fot it… Soon is thinking to go to other countries!

Communicate through Instagram @domenica.padilla or whatsapp to number 971157220.


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