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Domaine Clarins: Clarins legacy in the world

Within the framework of Earth Day, the French brand Clarins makes its priorities clear and shows its work for a more sustainable world and leaving its mark to stay “green”.

It was last December 2021 that the beauty brand proudly became a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), which recognizes the company’s commitment to sourcing that always respects biodiversity and people.

Nestled in the Alps on pollution-free soil, the Domaine Clarins is an open-air laboratory space. Discover it as if you were there through a digital journey!

As a first in the cosmetics industry, the Domaine Clarins even signed a 99-year contract there, committing to follow sustainable standards of land protection. Since 2011, Clarins has collaborated with Pur Project in a series of programs to help preserve biodiversity — supporting communities in countries such as Peru, Brazil, China and Thailand: contributing to reforestation with the planting of more than 525,000 trees worldwide.

“Biodiversity is life. When we take care of it, we give meaning to our own lives.” Christian Courtin-Clarins

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