"> Davines presents in Peru Oi Liquid Luster Instant Ultra Shine - Camaleónicas Davines presents in Peru Oi Liquid Luster Instant Ultra Shine - Camaleónicas

Davines presents in Peru Oi Liquid Luster Instant Ultra Shine

Oi Liquid Luster is one of the fastest and most efficient treatments from Davines, a specialist brand in hair care. They have the best hair products with specialized treatments for every need. We checked it out with Jerry Lopez, international stylist.

I had already told you about my friendship Jerry Lopez, right? The make-up artist and stylist of Hollywood stars travels these days between Lima and New York, and now, with the help of Davines, one of the best brands in the market in hair care, attends to the exclusive clientele.

We proceeded to perform the Liquid Luster treatment. I must clarify that my hair was not having its best days. On the contrary, he was at his worst. Crises, tension and endless problems put my hair in a terrible state and, for a change, I didn’t have much time to stay in a hair salon to relive it.

The solution (or the miracle) was to receive special treatment at Davines. Jerry knows what he’s doing. We use Heart of Glass Shampoo, which works on hair with blonde tones, balancing reflections and giving a special level of hydration thanks to its silky texture.

Then, it was time to apply the Oi Liquid Luster. Liquid and light treatment with rinse for all hair types. With moisturizing agents that work directly with the hair fiber, leaving hair shinier, silkier and extremely soft, with a gloss finish.

And for fine to medium hair like mine, the recommendation was Davines Nourishing Conditioner. It has hydrolyzed Keratin, helps dehydration, strengthens the hair fiber and prevents breakage. More softness and more shine. Jerry uses and recommends the treatment for his clients as part of his routine. He uses the products for his professional work and salon services.

The result was immediate and the pictures are worth a thousand words:

Totally different in less than 15 minutes, don’t you think it’s a miracle? I do! You can find Jerry Lopez in collab with Davines (by appointment)

Davines is found exclusively in professional and authorized salons. Find their locations here.



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