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Cannabis: the new source of beauty

Cannabis cosmetics are in fashion and although they are not new, in recent months they have multiplied.

CBD has become the favorite ingredient of many firms thanks to its highly hydrating and soothing properties. From facial cleansing to mascara, it’s now (very) easy for your entire routine to be made up of cannabis-infused cosmetics.

Cleansing And Exfoliating Wipes by Sephora

Some makeup remover wipes. Cannabis has even entered the world of makeup remover wipes from the Sephora Collection. And, actually, it is not surprising, since it is a product that usually irritates, an effect that is counteracted by the calming properties of CBD. In addition, these have a softer side to remove makeup and one with small microspheres for an exfoliating action.

Moisturizing And Nourishing Cream by GlamGlow

A moisturizer. Of course, one of its main properties could not be missing, the intense nutrition. The GlamGlow brand combines cannabis oil with chaga mushroom for an antioxidant as well as highly hydrating action. It is also an ideal cream for faces prone to redness thanks to its calming power.

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Hemp Dreams Cleansing Oil Make-up remover oil

A make-up remover oil. Oil is one of the favorite formats to use CBD in cosmetics, so it is not surprising that we can find it to remove makeup from the face. Sooae’s signature, composed of cannabis and olive oil, nourishes the skin while eliminating impurities.

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Milani Green Goddess Collection

Take your glow to a new level with Milani Cosmetics’ new Green Goddess collection, infused with cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil to soothe stressed skin and bring out your inner goddess.

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Milk Makeup Mascara

A mascara. In the field of makeup, it is not so common to find cannabis as an ingredient, although certain firms such as Milk Makeup have begun to use it to achieve vegan formulas to replace the beeswax that is so widely used in cosmetics. This is how her mascara was born, which gives volume and avoids the dreaded ‘globs’.

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