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Avatar: The Way of Water Collection by Nyx Cosmetics

Have to say that the design of this collection has called my attention since the first time I saw it in store, but I also have to confess that I haven’t seen the films today because they don’t call my attention. However, these products made me very curious to see the result on the models so I decided to investigate a little more and tell them. In addition, they are cruelty free.

We started with Pandoran Paradise, with 6 blushes and highlighters inspired by the clans Omatikaya and Metkayina Na’vi. Formulas with pink, coral and gold tones, all pearly.

The palette of colors for the eyes has 24 colors inspired by the bioluminiscent tones of the vibrant forests and the colorful seas of great pigmentation. The textures you find are between smooth satin, creamy matte and metallic. For my taste, ideal for people who like more artistic looks.

Los labiales e illuminadores son de los más llamativos. Inspired by the fluorescence of the film, which is one of the things that it is known for its effects worldwide. Not only for the lips, but also for the body.

And among novelties even more inspired by film, Metkayina Mist is a limited edition ultra-moisturizing make-up fixing spray. Manufactured with recycled PCR containers.

Finally, Na’vi Paint is an SFX-inspired Avatar paint for eyes, face or body, highly saturated that can be applied with the eyelashes of the fingers or with a brush for an easy full color application.


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