"> The Plaza for babies returns with Plop, Wiwi and Dodo - Camaleónicas The Plaza for babies returns with Plop, Wiwi and Dodo - Camaleónicas

The Plaza for babies returns with Plop, Wiwi and Dodo

Teatro La Plaza, a pioneer in theater for babies in Peru, announces the premiere of the play Plop, Wiwi y Dodo, created and directed by actor César Ritter. It will be on the billboard on Saturdays and Sundays.

The tender clowns Roy Zevallos and Luccia Méndez are the stars of this play, which opens on Saturday, April 8. Tickets are on sale on the theater website: laplaza.com.pe and remember that there are four times to see it.

“It is valuable to have spaces that are conducive to families with babies, where they can treat themselves to a time of stimulation according to the needs and possibilities of their children. Having theater spaces for babies attends to an area of mental health”, comments César Ritter.

The play tells the story of Plop and Wiwi, who receive a visit from a pet that is very different from them, Dodo. He doesn’t have a clown nose to begin with! Did he land from another planet?

The mascot is a puppet manipulated by both actors, who will steal the hearts of young and old. The game of exploring the unknown and different begins. The magic of theater will allow you to experience it with your babies.

The actor and theater director also specifies that “we remember that entire families during these stages also connect with that special sensitivity and are capable of contemplating and enjoying much more leisurely rhythms than usual. And from there perceive a wide range of very rich stimuli that usually go unnoticed”.

The work Plop, Wiwi and Dodo ratifies La Plaza’s commitment to research and creation of proposals aimed at boys and girls from 0 months to 5 years.


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