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Casaflex in Casacor 2022

In this edition of Casacor 2022, discover Casaflex a new concept in interiors that redesigns the concept of home.

Among them, Vera Velarde and Lizette Miro Quesada, specialists in the field, present their new Casaflex project, a functional space that responds to the needs of those who enjoy everything in one place: rest, work, sports and pleasure.

Our home as a refuge

For the architect Velarde, the pandemic meant important changes in the different spaces of the home, as well as new behaviors in Peruvians. “We were forced to adapt the room to an office or a place of study. Nowadays, we work, study, and even exercise in the same place in our house”, she points out.

In this sense, part of Casaflex, which becomes a flexible house for whoever lives in it; and in which, a palette of neutral colors stands out, a particular characteristic of the architect. “We also welcomed the use of materials such as wood, to transmit sensations that take us to the natural,” adds Velarde.

Casaflex also evokes nature, thanks to its natural elements that include the landscaper Miro Quesada. “This design not only encompasses pots in earth tones and textures, but also the magic that plants offer us integrated into the decoration both in interior furniture and hanging on the walls and ceilings,” he maintains. We want to show that you don’t need large spaces like gardens to bring nature into your home”, says Miro Quesada.

For this reason, the landscaping proposal is a key piece to achieve the perfect balance between the functional and the sensory, achieving a welcoming, natural space with personality. To enjoy this experience, you can visit Casaflex in the new edition of Casacor 2022.


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