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With much love, with my heart on my hand, today I return to write in … my loved blog, with something very deep but real.. that happens in my country, and round the world …

They have deceived us all this time. And I can not stop saying it. Is that, tell us, repeat, one and another and another and another, again … NosotrAs … (thus excluding the other gender) We … We are the change, is the most catastrophic deception that can make us. Because no, sadly we are not … from here I can already see that 49.9% give X to the tab of the page …

It is that, we put our minds to the most realistic and crude fact about it. As my title says, WE ARE THE WAY. That which will open its doors to the great change we want to see. This post is aimed at men and women … because at least in my country, called Peru, I have discovered so many sexist women as macho men. Adding to this, the world of today is so fleeting, the information so fast that we are creating beings who choose the “easy” way and that will always be judging the other. Well, I say BASTA already.

Enough to put women against men, enough to understand that the word FEMINISM is equivalent to FEMINAZI (in the Spanish language, feminism means, according to the RAE (or in this case Oxford), equality between men and women … for those who did not know) and under that is that we must act, because it would seem that neither those who defend feminism knew how to explain it. Is that always … ALWAYS … it will be easier to judge the other than even try to understand it (and before the self-called “feminists”, who sound more like “feminazis”, throw the first stone … no, I’m not justifying rapists … I just want to go deeper into that breaking point … to that root where everything rots and society begins to wither … which is not easy to reach))

I AM FE-MI-NIST and with all its letters. I’m going … and we’re going TOGETHER to look for that balance point. Many will think that can be one extreme or the other … in reality, the most complex point will be… to find the balance between ourselves. Therefore, anyone who wants to join the movement, and stop thinking that the big change will happen in a year or two, and will not give it up … who is aware that we will not judge or criticize who does not think like us, but to open the doors of our listening to really understand what happens to the world, we will take it this way. Maybe the post is not the most hopeful, because we will not see THE CHANGE tomorrow … but we will go to the grave knowing that we did our best, and others will do what they can to make it happen. BECAUSE IT REALLY IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

The fact of knowing that we are really involved, and step by step we will see how we move forward … it will take us to something bigger than us. Thanks from today for being part of this.


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