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Coming back “Home”

Hello Chameleons,

One should always start at home, and no matter how many times I go “moving” to another country, or deny it sometimes, Lima will always be the place where I was born and with its defects and potential opportunities, the city I love and It is my home.

For that reason, in the first travel post in the new blog, I wanted to dedicate a space to the famous “City of Kings”, showing that although they also say “Lima The Grey” has a charm. We started this first part through downtown Lima, where everything is colonial style. And as it is not for less, I would like to start with some curious facts

Surely you did not know these things about Lima Downtown.

Although many believe that the name Lima comes from the limo tree (say that Pizarro, the founder, liked the fruit a lot) there are actually other sources more accurate historians whose theory has its origin in the word “Rimac” the river that at that time crossed all that was going to be the whole city, and by the words “ishma” in the pre-Columbian language or the Aymara word “limac”.

Since its foundation, Pizarro, as well as conqueror, is also said to have wanted to be an architect, since he was the one who indicated where the Main Square would go and placed The Cathedral (in the photo) and of course The Government Palace ( ok, so he also wanted to be king)

It is so, although many know that I always say that Lima was built and developed by a civil engineer fan of Shakira (Brutus, blind, deaf and dumb) is originally Lima “the square”. The center proves it, so today is super simple to walk and make many tours so it is nice to see it even at night, today thanks to tourism is a safe area.



Did you know that in order to preserve its “style” the government only allows stores in the downtown area to have their names in black letters or signs.

One of the most striking things in the Center are the balconies of Spanish colonial design

The churches are also a great attraction as the Basilica of San Francisco,  the famous catacombs (Tenebrous!)


One of my favorite places and for which I can not miss, is The House of Literature,  just love discovering the great diversity of cultures expressed in my country. Its poems and authors are like an exploration of the deepest roots of Peru.






Soon I bring you more news, in what is one of my favorite sections 😉


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